• Popular markets.
  • Live products.
  • Clothing.
  • Creation of wealth from solar panel’s rental.
  • Each village needs at least one solar hangar equipped and self-sufficient. The larger the village, the more the hangars necessary and the people selling.
  • Efficient and durable hangar destined for commercial use ready to be used. Those solar markets are indispensable relays in remote areas.

Solar Hangar

  • Specialised medical centres prioritising remote areas.
  • Quickly deployable and operational.
  • Minimal capacity of 100 beds.
  • For léono, the medical centres are relay centres. The objective is to use those centres in support to larger health centres and hospitals.
    An infinite number of options are planned for equipment and size depending on the population.
  • Primary, high school and university education establishments totally equipped and self-sufficient. Includes every option and equipment.
  • Building the education establishments requires ample local manpower. Moreover the delivery is quick. They are durable and equipped to provide the winning conditions for education.
    They are indispensable to promote living in the remote areas of developing countries where populations are handicapped by illiteracy and rural exodus.
  • Self sufficient1000 square feet houses, wherever they are built.
  • Three versions: General Public, Classic and Superior.
  • Built on water or land.
  • Space for 6 people with three bedrooms.
  • Energy self sufficient with solar panels on roof.
  • Protected from lightning and electric bursts.
  • Houses with efficient batteries and systems ready to be linked to existing electrical network.
  • Adapted to every land type and utilising local material.

Maison solaire

Solar security

Solar health centre

  • Mini security center equipped and self-sufficient in the same manner as the solar houses.
  • Serving as relays for police centres.
  • Quick deployment.
  • Built to be expanded.

Léono Solar Houses, the leading product of LSS are assembled in 5-6 days


Building these properties create thousands of local jobs that contribute to the improvement of the social and economic context of communities. This directly and positively increases the satisfaction index for fundamental needs within the beneficiary localities.

Solar colleges