Léono is backing a unique energetic infrastructure concept at an international level: The Léono Solar Solution (LSS).


The Léono Solar Solution (LSS), an initiative of Sègbédji Parfait Aïhounhin and the Alliance think-tank. The project is the conception and building of solar real estate infrastructure in disadvantaged communities who lack elementary resources.

More precisely the objective of the LSS is to make available for the buyers an infrastructure (houses, hospitals, schools, public markets, etc.) with every commodity, adapted to local realities at unbeatable prices. Low prices make it accessible to the buyer to get a good return on their investment in the short term.

La Solution Solaire Léono : SSL

  • These 100% solar powered properties produce enough electricity for daily needs and even make the surplus available in order to solve the load shedding problem in many countries.
  • The Léono Solar Solution is durable, fair, economical and humanistic.