MBI Systems


MBI System is well known as a leader in the industry in Quebec since 1990. Its team of technicians is qualified to work on elaborate construction sites respecting strict standards. With a presence across the province of Quebec, it possesses the competency, the equipment and the capacity to expand into the international market.

MBI System is a valued consultant who, over the past 30 years, has created a network of specialised manufacturer both in the residential and commercial sectors.

MBISystems brings forth its specialised expertise to builders with the objectives of participating to environmental and durable development as well as improve the quality of life of citizens.

With the present project, MBI will act as a consultant to analyse the different products, stability of networks and possibility of connections. MBI is headed by a master electrician with a 30 years experience. In all of his projects transparency and communication is paramount to insure shared success.



Clean Volt is a manufacturer of overvoltage blocker against lightning and the effect of load shedding. It utilises a unique Canadian technique of silicon carbide, which places it in first place for efficiency worldwide.

Its blockers protect solar, electric and electronic equipment from electrical fires, degradation and irreversible damage. Its installation in the real estate infrastructures insures their long-term preservation and profitable investment. 

The overvoltage blockers from Clean-Volt have a duration life of 97 years and increase the life of the equipment it protects by 30%. The efficacy and yield of electric systems are also increased. Receiving five certification of which CSA Group and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) attests its performance. Clean-Volt conceives solutions in the agricultural, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.

Léono and Clean-Volt have already met many different embassies that voiced their interest for the realisation of the Léono Solar Solution projects. The superior quality of the products proposed by Clean-Volt assures Léono’s clients avoid financial and even human losses. In fact, the frequent load shedding deprives businesses, families and even hospitals causing many problems and even putting lives at risk.

With the Clean-Volt equipment in place, communities will not have to worry about damages to their electric and electronic equipment at the moment the current returns.

The long-term protection of Clean-Volt will also reduce the accumulation of electric and electronic waste in the environment. This enterprise within the LSS project guaranties a healthier environment and communities that are able to benefit from their electric equipment and better daily living conditions. 

Experts de calibre international



Asoycorp Internationaloffers prefabricated modular construction architectural services.Itsturnkey service (Health emergency, housing, defense and other services) has been implemented and tested in real life and built environment.

A multidisciplinary team adapts the built environment to different communities. High-tech computer systems are used to realise domestic and commercial projects. Asoycorp scrupulously chooses the materials, space hierarchy, the balance of open and closed spaces, visual input, light, interior and exterior layouts and upmost the respect of local heritage and tradition.

In the present mandate it manages the manufacturing, construction and layout of the solar powered buildings.

Alp Soykandar has put together and supervised projects in the United States, Canada, the Middle East and Africa. With his 30 years experience, he is the perfect partner to supervised and manage the African humanistic project. Asoycorp was founded to satisfy functionality of use by the clients.

Simplicity, commodity and affordability are at the heart of the priorities of the business that aims to provide durable constructions. So far it has setup many projects in urban and semi-rural Africa in respect and cohesion of the communities.

To achieve this goal it consults with the planners and employees of government and municipalities. In concert with primary actors of the different projects, Asoycorp International actively works at finding solutions to problems of each locality.

Its visionary and humanistic approach is revealed in the housing concepts as well as within the management of projects.

Pure Distinction


Pure Distinction is a specialist in the treatment and purification of water providing superior quality equipment at the best price. Its low-maintenance cost and long life products optimise the filtration of water. They use high-tech technologies in-line with the most recent health research. They are the product of many years of experience.

Pure Distinction systems are efficient with regards to the water rate of flow and the quality of components. It reduces water hardness and presence of chlorine, iron, sulphur and bacteria. More precisely, the reverse osmosis filtration process allows the removal of dissolved matter, salts, minerals, organic chemical substances and other impurities from drinking water. The result is healthy water with numerous advantages.

For LSS, Pure Distinction will integrate efficiently the production systems for pure drinkable water. Treated by reverse osmosis, the water is filtered through a semi-permeable membrane with pores so miniscule that they retain most impurities.

The water treated this way is free of scale from sodium and potassium removal. The system drives water with pressure through four filters and a very thin membrane. This is the best possible way to obtain limpid water with an incomparable taste and advantages.

Pure Distinction can be adapted to diverse sources of water. When the water comes from a well, it is pre-filtered and disinfected before entering the purification system removing contaminants susceptible of damaging or saturating the filters. Every detail is considered to give access to population to a quality and tasty drinkable water.