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September 2016

As part of its international development, Léono is supported in the formulation of its projects Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in International Business Management at Laval University.

Léono is backing a unique energetic infrastructure concept at an international level: The Léono Solar Solution (LSS) is an initiative of Sègbédji Parfait Aïhounhin of the Alliance think-tank. The project is the conception and building of solar real estate infrastructure in disadvantaged communities who lack elementary resources...

Taking roots in the dawn of times but since forgotten, wealth sharing regains its rightful nobility and becomes the cause of millions of people conscious of these important aspects:

Léono is a stimulating projects’ incubator. It is also a source creation and durable sharing of wealth. Léono, with concrete action expresses its real intention of satisfying the fundamental needs of every human being as well as the healthy expansion of all communities...

September 2016

Mr. Richard Desgagné, presented Leono's wealth creation and sharing strategy as part of the course "Doing Business in Africa" in Winter 2016 at FSA Ulaval.

Gold Partner

After reading the Leon Solar Solution which is an initiative of the Alliance think tank (GRA), we were impressed by this project and we come to this occasion to announce that we are interested in more than one title ...

We would therefore like to wish to lead a national coordination of this project in order to attract a strong commitment to signing contracts for this very interesting and innovative project in the sector of solar infrastructure and equipment...

Gustave B. Assah
Sociologue, Pdt de Social Watch Bénin,
Coach GRD aFcOp/aFRIk4r Chairperson OF CCfA (Civic Comission for Africa)

Stimulating Projects'

September 2016

In June 2016 Léono carried out an exploratory mission to Senegal and Benin.

Léono Solar Solution

The Electrification of Africa will make it the next success story in the world. The Maison Solaire Léono (SSL) is a must.

Léono proposes an innovative solution, practical and in direct links with the master plan of the African leaders, with respect to the housing, the sanitary rules and the electrification.

It is companies such as Leono that promote the jobs and wealth so much sought after for the evolution of a continent full of promises and resources.


M.Mamadou Oury SOW,
Ms2. Ethnologie et M. L. Sociologie

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